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Southwest Florida Shells with Emphasis on Sanibel & Captiva

By José H. Leal

Family Aeolidiidae

Spurilla braziliana

MacFarland, 1909

Brazilian Spurilla

Size to 80 mm; slug with large number of cerata, cerata curled distally. Color variable, light-pink to orange, ducts of digestive gland in cerata gray to brown. Feeds on sea-anemones, may assimilate zooxanthelae from sea-anemones it feeds on (hence darker internal color of cerata). Species widely distributed in tropical and sub-tropical oceans. Egg mass resembles thin noodles. Photo by Ángel Valdés. Egg case photo (Kice Island) by Amy Tripp, 12/2011. (formerly identified as Spurilla neapolitana (delle Chiaje, 1844), the type specie of the genus). This latter is restricted to the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea.