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Southwest Florida Shells with Emphasis on Sanibel & Captiva

By José H. Leal

Family Ovulidae

Cyphoma mcgintyi

Pilsbry, 1939

McGinty Cyphoma

Shell to 40 mm. Elongate shell with dorsal ridge weaker than in C. signatum but stronger than in C. intermedium. Lateral callus on right side narrow but high. Shell with tints of pink or lilac on its dorsal surface. The mantle of the living animal has numerous solid, tightly packed, round or elongate spots. Cyphomas live associated with and feed on sea whips and sea fans. The glossy nature of their shells results from the animal being able to completely envelop the shell with the mantle when active. The shell in the photos was collected by Mary Burton in December 2010, on Sanibel.